William Lance, Sudbury and Wayland

Vinnie Sestito and his team went beyond expectations, repeatedly.  As our real estate advisor, he took considerable time learning about our challenges to sell our home.  He developed a sound strategy, selected the right team of experts-contractors, organizational advisors, movers and financial advisers, to quickly move to action. 

The results?  We had over 25 brokers and 60 open house attendees, and sold our home.  

His team shifted their focus to our purchase requirements with a spot-on, comprehensive buying strategy.  The move to our new home was flawless and stress-frees.

As an attorney, I know the importance of attention to detail and finding the right answers, which are often not the answers clients want to hear.  Vinnie Sestito understood the importance and impact of professional representation and he delivered.  

Superb communication, superb strategies.  And most important, you can trust his reasoning and his having your best interests always leading his recommendations.  A consummate professional!

— William Lance